my first day at school

my first day at school

I still remember my first day at school a few moments before was it ok to school there was a king of birds.

 the family of helping me start a new capita my life is like a new dress was really to new bug and block few 


 am ok were processed at one am a fine moment in January my generation and my mother day of school and school the book side in my bag in am going to he was excellent and school was primary School about help a mail from our home not preferred but had never been there from destruction and use of the stunt riding they’re loving boys and there was a sound leave their son of years we had school I use large number of boys is going studying a life have different class 10th class Star wars 1 class 1 will be time for a dream one fighting 

the class was the moment and what is to improve completed moments after migrated away and left I love helps in this I want I told my blog and standard training after my branded I need to work in him a few minutes but was responsibility from school and college this movie my generated your glass back home with a thing at this now I flowing leather…

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