Basil leaf qualities

 Basil is a great herb. Tulsi means incomparable. Tulsipata is known as a very important tree to us and Indians. These leaves have fragrant, bitter bitter, delicious qualities. It is used in worship. Also used for colds, coughs, worms anesthetics as a diuretic, digestive and antiseptic. However, especially in the case of diseases that are caused by the predominance of cough, Tulsi is quite effective.

Studies have shown that basil is the only plant that keeps the air clean by providing oxygen 24 hours a day, whereas any other plant emits carbon dioxide at night. So sleeping at Tulsitala at night is also beneficial for a person. Its deodorizing air decomposes the air in all directions, no matter where it goes. In addition, planting basil keeps it away from mosquitoes, insects and snakes. And that is why Tulsi is called the queen of herbs. Below are highlights of its extraordinary qualities.

1. Curing cancer

Basil’s and anti-carcinogenic ingredients can stop the growth of breast cancer and oral cancer. This is because its components stop the flow of blood through the tumor. Eat basil juice every day to get benefits.

2. Dental diseases

To protect the teeth, dry the basil leaves and grind them. Apart from this, by making a paste by mixing basil leaf powder with mustard oil and brushing the teeth, the teeth remain strong. Basil leaves are good for preventing bad breath.

3. In diabetes

Basil leaves are rich in antioxidants and essential oils that produce eugenol, methyl eugenol caryophyllin. These ingredients help the pancreatic beta cells to work (beta cells store and secrete insulin). Resulting in increased sensitivity to insulin. It lowers blood sugar and cures diabetes.

4. To remove kidney stones

Basil leaves cleanse the kidneys by helping to reduce the level of uric acid in the blood. The acetic acid and essential oils of basil help to break down kidney stones and reduce pain. To get rid of kidney stones, honey should be mixed with basil juice every day. In this way, playing regularly for 6 months will remove kidney stones.

5. Healing power

Basil leaves have many medicinal properties. Basil leaves are tonic and memory enhancers. It removes cold and  from the respiratory tract. Basil has wound healing properties. Basil increases the strength of the stomach and helps to excrete a lot of sweat.

. In pediatric diseases

Basil leaf juice is quite beneficial for children. Basil juice works especially well for colds, fevers, coughs, diarrhea and vomiting in children. Basil leaves are also used to dry the pus of water hyacinth.

. Reduces stress

Used as an antistress agent in stress. Recent studies have shown that basil works well in relieving and even preventing mental depression. If a healthy person can chew at least 12 basil leaves twice a day regularly, the person will never suffer from mental depression, the researchers said.

. To relieve mouth sores

Basil leaves can cure mouth ulcers. Basil also works well in drying mouth sores. Basil leaves are incomparable in eliminating oral infections. Regular chewing of some leaves (twice a day) daily can prevent oral infections.

9. To cure headaches

It can make headaches better. For this, if you mix basil leaf paste with sandalwood paste and apply it on the forehead, the headache will be better.

12. Blood cleansing

Basil leaves cleanse the blood, lowers cholesterol.

13. Insect bites

Insect bites use basil juice to relieve pain.

14. In diarrhea

In case of diarrhea, crush 10 to 12 leaves and eat the juice. This will reduce the toilet.

15. Urine clean

Basil seeds keep the skin smooth. Seed consumption increases the level of urine. As a result, the kidneys become clean due to excessive urination.

16. Eye diseases

Good results are obtained by using basil leaf juice as a regular drop in Ratkana disease.

16. To cure fever

Basil has antiseptic, fungicidal and bactericidal properties. So it can make fever better. Basil leaves can do well from common fever to malaria fever.

Basil leaves are widely used for lung problems. Basil leaf juice, honey and ginger mixed with bronchitis, asthma, influenza, cough and cold are relieved. In case of influenza, fruits can be obtained by mixing the juice of basil leaves, salt and cloves.

16. Burning in the urine

Basil seeds are slippery when soaked in water. Mixing sugar in this water and drinking it like sherbet is especially beneficial in urinary irritation.

19. To remove stains

In the black spots of spring on the face, those spots are mixed with basil juice. In the case of children who get black spots on the body after measles, the juice of basil leaves will return to its normal color.

20 To cure bad breath

Chew basil leaves 4-5 times a day to get rid of bad breath, you will get good results.

21. To enhance the beauty

To enhance the glow of the skin, also apply crushed basil leaves on the face to remove skin wrinkles and brown.

22. In purifying the blood

If the blood is contaminated for any reason, it is beneficial to drink basil juice for a while. If the nose is closed for mucus and no odor is found, then it is cured by sniffing the dried leaves. The leaf is crushed with the pinch of two fingers and pulled through the nose, that is sniffing.

23. Head rotation

If you ever start vomiting or dizziness, then mixing pepper in basil juice is especially beneficial.

24. To increase appetite

Chewing basil leaves on an empty stomach in the morning and drinking the juice increases the appetite

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