Back to school: How to apply for a chronic condition certificate

he Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE) has announced changes to its previous back-to-school plan for the 2020/21 academic year. The new plan will apply blended learning during the first semester of the next academic year.

A combination of online and classroom-based learning will be implemented in all stages of education across public and private schools, preschools education institutions.

The following students can apply for an exemption from attending school in person if they wish: 

?Students who suffer chronic diseases 

Students who have a first degree relative with a chronic disease living in the same house 

Students who fit the above criteria must apply for an approved medical certificate and submit this to their school along with their national address certificate.

 All patients with a chronic condition who have been cared for at HMC or PHCC will automatically have a certificate available for them in the Portal

  – Patients with chronic conditions who have not yet registered for the Patient Portal should do so immediately  access their certificate. Registration and activation will take approximately 24 hours

2. Via an online request form

  – All patients with a chronic condition who have a Qatar Health Card and have been cared for at HMC or PHCC can request a certificate via an online form.

  – Certificates will be processed and emailed to patients within 7 days of the request.??

3. Via PHCC website 

can complete a request form available on the PHCC webpage for all registered patients with a valid health card

4. At a primary Health Care Health Center

  – ?Patients with chronic conditions and Qatar Health Card, but who have not previously been cared for at an HMC or PHCC facility (and therefore do not have their condition documented in their patient record), will need to make an appointment at their primary health center record their chronic condition. 

  – Patients can make an appointment and request at the health center for this certificate. ?

5. At a semi-government or private health center

  – Patients with chronic conditions who do not have a Qatar Health Card can contact any semi-private or private health center in Qatar to request A fee will be applied at private centers

For more information related to school medical exemption certificates, call the HMC customer service team, Nesma’ak, on 16060 or PHCC’s customer service team, Hayyak, on 107.

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